• Sep 8, 2014

    Critics- Picks on "post-excavation" for ARTFourm by Theodor Ringborg

    "As a whole, the works in the exhibition suggest that some things resist vision, like magnetic lines, and what is uncovered must find a new form of display."

  • Jun 7, 2014

    Recension i SDS Jone Kvie, Tjörnedala Konsthall

    "Kvie är en klassisk skulptör, som förenar fantasi och observation i verkets skimrande ytor..."

  • May 9, 2014

    Review of Maria Hedlund´s About Some Kind Of Knowledge in SvD

    One of Malmö’s principal galleries Elastic has, since February of this year, a new address. In Stockholm.

  • May 3, 2014

    Recension i SvD av Maria Hedlund´s Någon Sorts Kunskap

    Ett av de främsta Malmögallerierna, Elastic, har sedan februari en ny adress. I Stockholm.

  • May 1, 2014

    Dave Allen WERTHER LOVE BUZZ 15/5 - 14/6

    We are proud to announce our third solo show with Dave Allen preview Thursday the 15th of May


Current exhibition

post-excavation Emanuele Becheri, Lea Porsager & Dick Hedlund 21/8 - 27/9

Elastic Gallery is proud to present "post-excavation", the first exhibition of the season. Welcome to what is sure to be an exciting autumn in the gallery’s newly renovated space on Gävlegatan 10B in Stockholm.

Dates: 21/8 - 27/9
Preview: Thursday August 21st, 5-8pm

"post - excavation" introduces three different practices by artists Emanuele Becheri, Dick Hedlund and Lea Porsager; all of whom force us to look closer, behind and beyond the artworks we are confronted with.

Emanuele Becheri´s two series, consisting of vinyl records and FRIEZE magazines, originate from the same location: 32a Penton Place, Southwark, London SE17 3JT, UK. As found and salvaged objects they murmur to the tune of music and art history. The magazines have as many readings as subjects present in the different issues: art world hype; dealer, collector and/or- artistic desires. While time has changed only the appearance of the magazines, it has changed both music and sound of the vinyl records; leaving behind only a distorted experience. Dick Hedlund creates a similar feeling of something belonging to the past with his worked canvases. By moving thread by thread on the grey surface, matter and depth become present. Hedlund’s sculptural work resonates the feeling of support, also found in Lea Porsagers’ massive installation "Celestial Body" (2011). The latter with its iron pillars dominate the room with their size. They not only act as a physical being in the gallery space, but also as an obstacle in thought. The piece governs our ability as viewers/visitors to experience the room and the work itself.

Becheri, Hedlund and Porsager propose the presence of activity. The result has ultimately left its mark.

Curated by: Ola Gustafsson and Alida Ivanov


podt-excavation lea porsager

LEA PORSAGER, Celestial Body- Distrupted nerve fluid and crossed shock waves, 2011. Mixed media; dimension variable.


Left: Dick Hedlund, Far Left: Emanuele Becheri, Floor: Dick Hedlund Right: Dick Hedlund

post-excavation Dick Hedlund

From Left:
DICK HEDLUND, Arges 2, 2014. Fabric, thread, wooden frame; 90 x 140cm.
DICK HEDLUND, Omni, 2013. Fabric, thread, wooden frame, 90 x 140cm.
DICK HEDLUND, Arges 3, 2014. Fabric, thread, wooden frame, 90 x 140cm

elastic_140821_035Far Left: Emanuele Becheri, Floor: Dick Hedlund Right: Dick Hedlund

elastic_140821_029EMANUELE BECHERI, (from left to right):
The singles, The Who, 1984-2010( From the serie : 32a Penton Place, Southwark,London SE17 3JT, 17 September 2010), vinyl record








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